1) What are my MyQ participation options?

Answer: MyQ offers three levels of support, as follows:

    1. Self-Directed Learning Resources;
    2. Facilitated Virtual Mini-Programs: a 2-hour monthly session for three months; and
    3. Group Expedition Series is a one-year program, with 3 one-day face-to-face sessions and three one-day virtual sessions.
2) What are the benefits of participating in the MyQ program?

Answer: The MyQ program will provide you and your team information and tools so that you can achieve better work experience, better patient care and improved outcomes. Enrollment in the MyQ program gives you access to a MyQ Practice Facilitator.

3) What is the role of the MyQ Practice Facilitator?

Answer: MyQ Practice Facilitators support primary care practices to achieve their goals for quality care. They will assist you and your team to plan, test and implement improvements based on your unique context and the needs of your patient population. These improvements include areas of clinical outcomes, patient safety, patient experience, work life balance, better teamwork and effectiveness and team communication.

4) Is there a cost associated with signing up?

Answer: No, there is no cost for participation. However, the Expedition Series does require a commitment to test changes and share learnings with other participants.

5) Will this create more work for me?

Answer: The overall goal of MyQ is to make lasting improvements that will benefit physicians, their clinic staff, and their patients. In order to complete this goal, an initial investment of time is required to determine relevant changes needed based on each unique clinic.

6) Will I be remunerated for my participation in the MyQ programs?

Answer: Family Physicians will be remunerated for their participation in the six full day sessions of the Expedition Series.

7) Where will the Expedition Series sessions take place?

Answer: The Expedition Series sessions will take place in St. John’s and other satellite sites that will be determined by the registration uptake across geographical areas.

8) What happens if for unforeseen circumstances I cannot attend one of the Expedition Series sessions?

Answer: Inform the MyQ Practice Facilitator assigned to your practice of your absence. They will work with you to determine solutions that work for you and your practice.

9) Does the fee model I use affect my ability to utilize MyQ?

Answer: Whether you’re set-up under a fee-for-service or salary-based fee structure, MyQ will work for you. We have designed this program to meet the needs of all family physicians regardless of fee model.

10) Is the MyQ program applicable for practices with special circumstances, i.e. Academic Sites and Medical Learners?

Answer: Yes, the MyQ program is for all primary care practices. MyQ Practice Facilitators will assist you in applying the principles of the MyQ program to meet the needs of your practice.  

11) How do I customize the program to ensure my clinics needs are met?

Answer: Working with appropriate Physician Champions and Practice Facilitators, a facilitated practice assessment will take place to identify key challenges specific to each clinic. Then, suitable programming will be determined. Practice Facilitators will support change management within a group of family practices by identifying key areas of focus. As practicing physicians, physician champions understand how to link changes to real quality improvement and can provide support to their peers on identified areas of improvement.

12) It states the Expedition Series engages physicians and their teams. Can a member of my team attend the Expedition Series sessions?

Answer: Yes, representatives of your staff team (Medical Office Assistant, allied providers, clinic manager, etc.) are invited to attend the six Expedition Series sessions with you so you can learn and plan together.  There is no limit to the number of team members that can participate in the webinar/teleconferences.

13) When will I start to see results?

Answer: Once the training and education begins, progress should be evident in participating clinics. When common issues are identified, it will be the goal of the MyQ program to have these needs met and to build capacity for clinics. This will help sustain changes and address additional modifications that have been prioritized. Providing professional support will allow physicians to see improvement in efficiency, reduction of wait times, increased building of team-based skills, and the implementation of guideline-based care.

14) Is the programming available online?

Answer: Yes, there will be some components of online learning available through Memorial University that will allow for physicians and their teams to be accredited/certified in topic-specific virtual learning modules. Through the online portal you will find self-directed resources, case studies, and tools to help further your knowledge and education. Virtual group learning paired with in-clinic facilitation will allow for success in the MyQ program.

15) How do I sign up?

Answer: Registration for the MyQ Group Expedition Series is now open. Register by clicking here.

To stay informed about the MyQ Program Elements as they are opened, complete the Keep Me Informed section of the MyQ website. You will be added to our priority information distribution list. This will ensure you are contacted by a MyQ Practice Facilitator who will work with you to find the best MyQ options for you.

For further information, please contact us at myq@myqnl.ca.