Welcome to MyPractice

MyPractice is a training and support program that helps family physicians navigate the process of setting up a family medicine practice in Newfoundland and Labrador, move from one practice to another within the province, or transition from active practice to retirement.

Self-Directed Online Modules

A series of self-directed online learning modules provide physicians with information and resources to support the process of establishing a family medicine practice in the province and support understanding the business of operating a family medicine clinic. These modules can be taken at any time and in any order, depending on your personal learning needs.

Local “Bootcamp” workshops

Our “Bootcamp” workshops are designed to provide a real-time collaborative experience where you can learn about the process of setting up practice or transitioning from one practice to another in Newfoundland and Labrador with other physicians and connect with local resources.

Mentor Matching Service

Setting up or joining a new practice can be a daunting process. Our mentor matching service is designed to connect you with physicians who have experience with the process in various areas of the province.